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Download and Freebies (FREE items and tools) are
an excellent way to generate targeted traffic, spawning
leads that can be turned into sales. An example of this
is the eCatalog where a web site visitor registers and downloads an electronic catalog. Other examples,
include tools like mortgage calculators, or the Web Traffic
ROI Calculator. Items like this that simplify an individuals
daily or infrequent task, will prompt revisits to a web site, underline expertise, increase loyalty, brand awareness
and the propensity for the sale of goods or services.

A popular method of exploiting this channel is to offer "white papers". Over the last few years, the division that separates a "white paper" from a "promotion brochure" has become blurred, but the outcome is clear. When a visitor registers to download a white paper and receives worthless piece of self-promoting propaganda, the general reaction is frustration and lack of interest. For this reason, downloads need to have value through information or organization.