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Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is
an essential tool in the channels of Internet Marketing. By helping customers (a novel concept) find what they need,
with subtle nudges to consummate the sale and buy more,
can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line revenues. Online CRM systems are inexpensive to setup, easy to manage and simple to learn. A "real time" live customer help program can be up and running in 1DAY, for LESS than $100 per MONTH! Beyond "real time" live customer assistance (similar to AOL and MSN Instant Messengers) , there are numerous other opportunities to help the customer, while
enhancing sales. This includes, auto responding emails, surveys, filtering of online searches, etc.

Online CRM is not just an opportunity, it's an obligation. With providing a venue to listen and help your customers, you will erode your customer base, your brand value, your margins and ultimately your profitability.